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Whom are you Talking to?


Do you ever wonder what it is you should say to God? Of course, it's important to listen to Him and not just rattle off a laundry list of requests. But how can you engage Him respectively when you approach him?


In Matthew 6, Jesus provides you with a wonderful pattern for prayer. He begins with whom you are talking to: “Our Father which art in Heaven”. The focal point of prayer is an intimate, loving fellowship with God who is wise, powerful and loving.


Likewise, Jesus reminds you that He is to be respected. He says, “Hallowed be Thy name”. A relationship with the father is one of reverence and ultimate respect.


Therefore as you approach God, show your love and respect for Him by listening, committing to what pleases Him and sharing your innermost hurts, needs and desires. God longs for companionship with you and prayer is how you build your relationship with him. 


So when you pray, start by focusing your attention on God's character, His love, mercy, Holiness, power and grace. Worshiping Him sets your heart to honor Him, magnifying His ability and presence while diminishing the size and scope of your problems.

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Bro Stuart Bland, Pastor
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