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"Never to Late"

May 16, 2023

A pastor who asked a group of children and Sunday school how many of them wanted to go to heaven. All but one boy raised his hand. When the pastor asked him why he didn't want to go, the little boy said, “oh I do want to go to heaven, but if you're getting up a load right now, I can't go. Mama said to come home for lunch right after church.”


Rarely do we talk about going to Heaven today and Jesus only used that word to describe going there with one person, the thief on the cross. There are two thieves crucified with Jesus, one mocking Jesus while the other one asked Jesus to remember him. Then when Jesus said, today you will be with me in paradise, Jesus affirmed that within hours their physical bodies would die, but with the assurance they would enter into Paradise.


It's never too late to place your faith in Jesus. He wants others to have a repentant heart. Don't make the Eternal mistake of thinking you've waited until it's too late to believe.

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Bro Stuart Bland, Pastor
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