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Our Church of Tomorrow

Join our Younger Youth:
Sunday School at 9:00
Wednesday Meal @ 6:00
Wednesday Bible Study and Activities @ 7:00

ProKids 22:6 - Calendar

August 23
FCC FUN DAY at the Church
December 9
Trip to "Exhilarate"

"ProKids 22:6" means Proverbs Kids 22:6

:Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

We are planning a trip on Saturday, Dec 9th to "Exhilarate" in Savannah. This indoor play area is for all ages. We plan on leaving the Church at 12:00, the play time is for 2 hours and then we will eat pizza afterwards. You can check out "Exhilarate" at:


Michelle and I will drive the church van and we can ride up to 13 with us. Your child is welcome to invite a friend. We will probably need some parents to drive with car seats, so I'll send out a list if some will like to ride together. I know some children live close to Savannah, so you are more than welcome to meet us there.
If you have questions feel free to contact me directly.

We are excited about our young "Future" church leaders!

~Bro Stuart (912-237-7188)

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