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Prayer List

To keep our prayer list up to date.

Please let us know when to remove someone from the list.

Tracy Shiplett, Margie Dasher, Jesse Finch, Pat Bland, Cecil Branch, Stephanie Branch, Allen Troha, Glenda Geiger, Mary Ann Matthews, Titus Durden, Danielle Dutton, Jane Bender Burkett, Aiden Hough, Vicky Branch, Patsy Ray, Gary Branch, Rachel Short, Glenn Abercrombie, Vicki Cormona, Margaret Innis, Joey Tuttle, Nicole Sprague, Dennis Barnard, Anna Knight, Kelvin Parker, Pam Jenkins, Alex Lehman, Donna Tootle, Amber Anderson, Bob Floyd, Julie Todd, Dave and Anna Gay Newell, Gene Griffis, Connie Strickland, Phil Sellars, Joe Brewton, Susan Waters, Lee Durrence, Lisa Jernigan, Scott Durrence, Dot Durrence, Morgan Anderson, Carolyn Kight, Colton and Madison Bowen, Hetal Patel, Wytsel Beck, Mike Collins, Taylor Rogers, Louise Jones, Brad Purcell, Dorothy Harnage, Richie Bohr, Daniel Dasher, Jim Hendrix, Hannah Gregor, Jerry Purvis, Laura Hinton, Volly Nelson, Morgan Bland, Chris Hartley, Bess Stone, The Family of Carolyn Moore, The Family of Brenda Swain

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